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The new way to collaborate and socialize

Avantime Connect & Microsoft One Strategy

Avantime Connect is an Add-on to SharePoint 2013 that is ready-to-use in your organization in only two weeks. Hosting is done in Cloud service Microsoft Azure with Office 365, in your internal Microsoft infrastructure or On-premise in your existing hosting environment.

Communicate & collaborate

Eliminate e-mail pollution and communication hurdles! Using Avantime Connect workspaces makes collaboration easier in your team with document sharing, task management and social features. This way you speed up workflows and improve transparency in your team without spamming your mailbox.

Drive innovation & engagement

Introducing a social intranet in your organisation has a positive impact on innovation and engagement. It makes knowledge sharing easier helping your organisation to enable cross-disciplinary and peer-to-peer conversations, share ideas and ultimately create better results.

Increase productivity

Using the latest social technology for internal communication speeds up information flows and makes it possible to work more remotely, increasing productivity by 25%. Also, the the number of costly face-to-face meetings can be reduced saving cash on your travel budget.


For over 10 years Avantime has delivered successful global intranets for prosperous organizations. Throughout the years we have gained insights about what organizations really need for optimizing their internal communication. With this knowledge, we decided to create Avantime Connect – the perfect and most complete intranet solution.

We believe that people don’t want to waste their time and money if they can avoid it. With Avantime Connect you get a complete, powerful social intranet in only two weeks.

A decade of experience of internal communication and information management was our way to Avantime Connect


"The reason we decided to work with Avantime
is due to their package solution that is
already used by several of their existing clients,
but also because of their experience in deliviering global intranets
for publicly listed companies"

Jacob Broberg, SVP Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, Cloetta


Watch the video and see how SharePoint 2013 is used as a collaboration tool in the organization. With Avantime Connect you get the most intuitive, powerful and ready-to-use social intranet for SharePoint 2013. Avantime Connect provides a full set of customized features which brings the best out of your SharePoint installation and covers all the needs for a successful internal communication platform in your organisation. The platform is also fully integrated with the dynamic process management system Avantime Process that helps you to create, improve and sustain processes, routines and standards. The two systems together form a solid and reliable communication platform that helps you to reach your business goals.

Mobile Ready

Have you ever been in need of critical company documents while you are out of the office? With the Microsoft SharePoint Standard mobile applications you can access documents and the social feed also when you are on the move, ensuring you are always up to date. It gives you the ability to post updates, share information and ask questions to your colleagues as if you were at the office while you are on the run.

Microsoft SharePoint Standard mobile solutions makes sure that you never miss important information no matter where you are.