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The new way to collaborate and socialize


Speed up your information workflows and keep your employees updated with the latest news! According to studies by McKinsey, advanced social intranets can reduce the amount of e-mails by 25 %, freeing up to 8 % of the workweek for more productive activities. Avantime Connect offers a wide range of tools that helps you to reduce e-mail pollution and to keep your employees up to date. The smartness of the features makes it possible to target the right people with the right information so that your employees only get the information that is relevant for them.


Time to get social with your social Intranet! With Avantime Connect you facilitate networking in your organisation. Connect with people and let conversations free through the social features. Avantime Connect offers plenty of  powerful tools that improves communication, networking and transparency in your organization.


Make collaboration efficient and easy in our digital workspaces! Avantime Connect offers a wide range of different workspaces specially designed to suit your needs. The different types of workspaces provide all the collaborative tools that are needed for your business unit, project team or competence group.


Focus on your value creation and increase productivity through process management! According to studies made by McKinsey, better information sharing and social technologies can reduce searching time by 35%, that can be spent on value creating activities. Avantime Process helps you to keep processes, procedures and standards in one place in order to establish a lean and effective organization.


Have you ever been in need of critical company documents while you are out of the office? With the Microsoft SharePoint Standard mobile applications you can access documents and the social feed also when you are on the move, ensuring you are always up to date. It gives you the ability to post updates, share information and ask questions to your colleagues as if you were at the office while you are on the run. Microsoft SharePoint Standard mobile solutions makes sure that you never miss important information no matter where you are.


Tired of having to log on multiple times to access all your working tools and programs? With Microsoft Office 365 you can access your e-mail, calendar, documents with one sing-in. Avantime Connect as a cloud based solution can be easily integrated with Microsoft Office 365 which provides an accessible, cost efficient and updated collaboration platform for your company.


Excited to see what Avantime Connect looks like? Watch a video introducing Cloetta’s new intranet and see how Avantime Connect made it possible for over 2500 employees in 12 different countries to be social, and to communicate and collaborate in a new and improved way. Take the tour to get a look and feel!