Speed up and improve collaboration in your team! With the specially designed Avantime Connect workspaces you choose between three different kinds of workspaces perfectly suited for your needs. Whether working in a project team, an under-cover project, organizational unit or for a social purpose, you can gather your team and collaborate around a certain topic or towards common goals.

The workspaces make it easy to share documents, discuss topics, delegate tasks and share calendar with the members of the team. Creating a workspace is easy and only takes a couple of seconds. Just create a workspace, add members to the group and you can start working right away! Once that is done you can start using the wide range of collaborative tools offered.


Never miss important information or call to actions! Through the unique personalized notifications you can always keep track of important updates in your work team. You will get updates about announcements, membership requests and more.



Share documents with your team by using the document libraries! The document libraries is designed according to your needs and you can easily search for documents in a specific folder or library. You can also manage document permissions or decide to follow a specific document of your interest and get a notification when it has been updated. Do you already store documents on an external disc? Just sync external folders and you will always have the latest version both on your disc and in the workspace.


Keep your team informed through the message feature! Messages that are posted here will automatically be announced in the social feed of your team members.


Social feed

Discuss your work and ask questions to your team through the social feed! The social feed is a discussion wall for your team members where you can post information, upload a picture or comment on discussions.


Use the workspace calendar to share information about events and meetings with your team. The team calendar is easily synchronized with your Outlook so that you get all the events that are important to you in one place.


Delegate tasks to team members! Tasks with a due date can be given to individuals or a group of people and will automatically be added from different workspaces to their task lists. Team members can also report how the work proceeds by changing the task status. Certainly, tasks can be synced to your Outlook.


Share important and useful links in the links list.

Quick launch

The quick launch placed in the top navigation will help you to find specific features in the blink of an eye.