Having your intranet available on mobile devices is getting more and more important. Microsoft SharePoint mobile applications are stable and reliable applications making sure you never miss important information when you are on the run. Read below the features that are available on mobile platforms.

Social Feed

The SharePoint social feed is an open forum for all your colleagues to share thoughts, knowledge and feedback. Create a post, upload a picture, make a mention, recommend a site, like or comment on a post to share your thoughts and discuss with your co-workers. In the social feed you can see posts about hashtags or documents you follow, from people you follow or from members of your work teams. Having the social feed in the phone you can make sure that you never miss any critical information even though you are out of the office.


With the document mobile application you can reach your document libraries also when you are out of the office. The document libraries can be designed according to your needs and you can easily search for documents in a specific folder or library.

Chat and Online Calls

Avantime Connect is fully integrated with Microsoft Lync to enable chat, online calls, video calls and screen sharing with one or multiple persons. When Lync is activated you can easily see if your colleagues are online, offline or in a meeting through their profile status. Microsoft Lync is also available as a mobile application so that you can have your online meetings to matter where you are.