Make process management easier and more available with Avantime Process! Avantime Process is a powerful user-friendly process management system that is fully integrated with Avantime Connect. It helps you to sustain a lean organisation by enabling documentation and search for processes, procedures and standards in your organization that makes your employees work the same way towards common goals. This eliminates waste such as unnecessary search for information and routines as well as facilitate focus on value creating activities. With the simple and interactive user interface you don’t have to be a process expert and employees can easily contribute to continuous improvements.

Process Management Software & Process Tools

Process Overview

The process overview visualizes main, supporting and sub processes in order to get a coherent comprehension of the company processes.

Process Map

Build your own process map with different process steps and activities in a user-friendly way! Standardized and recognized symbols are also being used in order to build process maps supporting decision points as well as parallel activities.


Create document templates for specific purposes in order to standardize the documentation of routines, descriptions etc. Documents are easily linked or attached to a process for complementary information.

Job Division

Connect a process to a specific role or job title in order to get a view of the job division. You can also use the filter in order to see all the process steps that you are responsible for.

Share Process

Easily share a process that might be relevant to a colleague! The process is then posted to the person’s feed.

Consistent Improvements

Help improving the processes by giving your feedback to the process owner. It can then be updated and improved ongoing.

Validation Dates

Set a validation date for a specific process in order to control obsolete information. As a process owner you will then be reminded to update your processes regularly.


Determine workflows for the creation and updating of processes. Using the intelligent workflows you can set an external approver that verifies, approves or rejects publishing of a process.