Drive communication, collaboration and value creation through the social business features! Avantime Connect brings the best out of SharePoint social features and helps your organisations to bring employees closer together, improve knowledge sharing and foster engagement and transparency in your company.

Corporate Branding

Communicate your brand identity on the intranet! Avantime Connect is branded according to your company design so that visiting and using the intranet feels very cohesive with the company and its culture.

Social Feed

The social feed is an open forum for all your colleagues to share thoughts, knowledge and feedback. Create a post, upload a picture, make a mention, recommend a site, like or comment on a post to share your thoughts and discuss with your co-workers. In the social feed you can see posts about hashtags or documents you follow, from people you follow or from members of your work teams.


MySite is your personal profile page where your can manage settings and add information about yourself such as contact information, special skills or fields of interest. MySite also has a personal social feed where your fellow colleagues can get in touch with you. On MySite you can also find information about the tags, document and people you follow as well as trending tags. Further in the organization browser you can get information about people in the organizational structure helping you find colleagues in a specific job role or understand how people are connected in the hierarchy.


Create your own blog and let people know what you are up to! The blog is located on your MySite and is open for everybody to read or subscribe to.


Chat and Online Calls

Avantime Connect is fully integrated with Microsoft Lync to enable chat, online calls, video calls and screen sharing with one or multiple people. When Lync is activated you can easily see if your colleagues are online, offline or in a meeting through their profile status. Anywhere on the intranet your can click on a profile and start a conversation online with a co-worker directly in the user interface.